Cofundie as a product is a tool that caters to two personalities – property developers and investors. As a service, it is poised to help you sponsor the construction of affordable housing in return for a share of the profit after these homes are sold or rented out. This means locating the best properties to invest in.
Every month, we will be talking to one property developer, asking them questions about their work and how Cofundie is helping them shape the direction of business and life.

This month’s developer is the CEO of Container Homes and Designs, Amoo Oluwatimileyin Oluwasijibomi. Mr Oluwatimileyin is a container home expert and surveyor. He is a postgraduate student of Surveying and Geoinformatics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State. He is passionate about modular homes and humanity.

What is your name and what do you do?
My name is Amoo Oluwatimileyin Oluwasijibomi. I am a container home expert and surveyor operating as the CEO of Container Homes and Designs in Nigeria.

How did you come about becoming a property developer?
I grew up with an estate valuer elder brother( Akinpelu Akinwale ESV.) who always inspires me with the analysis of social housing deficit.

How would you describe the real estate industry in your country?
Average and complicit when it comes to tenancy laws and structural integrity of buildings.

What differentiates Container Homes from its competitors?
We pride ourselves in our ability to create luxury from supposed waste materials like shipping containers and other recyclable products.

What piqued your interest in sustainable housing?
The social housing deficit and my passion for recycling and general state of the nation.

How do these homes fare against other traditional forms of housing?
Not as most would think. Container homes are very Strong, durable, easy to construct, easy to modify and better in terms of long term cost of construction and maintenance.

With all that has happened this year, has your company been affected? And how?
Of course, we were affected. The price of shipping containers and public acceptability of modular homes increased drastically and it did not help that the country (Nigeria) fell into an economic recession.

How old is your relationship with Cofundie?
A few months.

What has your experience been so far (as a developer and investor)?
Honestly, it has been great and I predict the brand will be the best in modular homes sector. They also have concise and helpful analysis and support for startups.

What feature/service offering would you say has been the most useful for your business and investments?
Social media especially Twitter and the Cofundie platform.

Has 2020 influenced your attitude towards investment? How?
Yes. It has pushed me to save more and invest in viable real estate.

How would you rate Cofundie (Scale: 0-10)?
10 because their engagement rate and customer service.

Thank you for reading.
For more information on Cofundie and its offerings, visit today!

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