Cofundie as a product is a tool that caters to two personalities –  property developers and investors. As a service, it is poised to help you sponsor the construction of affordable housing in return for a share of the profit after these homes are sold or rented out. This means locating the best properties to invest in. 

Every month, we will be talking to one property developer, asking them questions about their work and how Cofundie is helping them shape the direction of business and life.

This month’s property developer is Tunde Adegboye, the founder of Schedio 3d Emporium limited. Tunde is a Builder with experience in both off-site and onsite construction activities, conventional and unconventional methods of construction. He has found a niche in “CARGOTECHTURE”, converting ISO Shipping Containers into habitable spaces.

Let’s meet Tunde…

Please introduce yourself.

I am Tunde Adegboye. I am builder by profession with 8 years of experience in the construction game. Found a niche in converting shipping containers into habitable spaces about 5 years ago and founded a company, SCHEDIO 3D EMPORIUM LIMITED for this purpose. This is me and this is what I do.

Interesting. How did you come about becoming a property developer?

It started with cartoons, yes cartoons. I wanted to become a cartoonist but when I got into secondary school, I fell in love with Technical drawing (the building construction side of it). I got so deep into building designs which made me switch from wanting to be a cartoonist to wanting to be an Architect, but fate led me to BUILDING. That didn’t kill my love for design one bit. After studying at the University of Lagos, I worked with a few private firms that specialised in project coordination and management, building design & construction, interior design and facilities management. At the end of the 4th year in construction, I realised that I wanted to do construction but not the usual way. I wanted something different; something kind of new in Nigeria. I was not satisfied with the conventional way of things (that’s my nature). Looked back on my final year project in school – “A study of Value Engineering of Construction Methods”. After reading halfway, it hit me… “A housing scheme made of shipping containers”. It started with just conceptual designs posted on social Media where I got my first break.  With the support of my wife, Remilekun Adegboye (SPHRi) and  friends and partners in the game, Shina Oyiye (QS), Tola Owoyele (BLDR) and Chris Ezengwa (ARC) I haven’t looked back.

How would you describe the real estate industry in your country?
The Real Estate industry in Nigeria right now is a big thing and a growing market. Not just in Nigeria, anywhere else in the world. If you have money and a good team to advice you, invest in real estate. There are major holes in the system though, it could be better.

What differentiates Schedio 3D from its competitors? 

I founded Schedio 3D Emporium Limited 2 years ago solely to design and build shipping container and modular structures to solve the problem of the housing deficit in Nigeria. We have worked with Cars45, Multichoice Nigeria and Gavi-Africa. Using Value Engineering of construction methods, Schedio 3D Emporium Limited is a company that seeks to provide housing solutions and schemes for the low to middle income earners. This makes us different from other brands out there, where they build structures for the high income earners; we focus on schemes that would give even a university undergraduate the opportunity to own a property. 

What piqued your interest in upcycling shipping containers? 

Three major things actually: 1. The speed of conversion, 2. The cost, 3. The modularity. Other things include the interesting technicalities that come with the conversion process. You miss one step and that’s it; you almost have to take everything apart to fix the problem. Almost like Lego. Also the multiple ways the containers can be reused.

How do these container homes fare against other traditional forms of housing?

Against traditional forms of housing, shipping container homes/structures are faster to build and cheaper than most conventional methods. In terms of life span, shipping container homes should last at least 30 years but will last much longer if they are well maintained. “Cargotecture” has gained popularity because it is cost-effective and is ecofriendly. Container homes also maintain a high resale value.

How long is your relationship with Cofundie? 

We’ve known Cofundie about 1 year plus, but got into talks with Cofundie in the start of 2020.

What has your experience been so far as a developer? 

With Cofundie? As a developer, it has been a wonderful experience. Working with the Cofundie team has been fun and I am glad Schedio 3D and Cofundie have the same vision with respect to solving the housing problems in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. We all are a group of young individuals trying to make a positive impact in this world.

What feature/service offering would you say has been the most useful for your business? 

Definitely the social media platform. Cofundie has been so generous in mentioning  Schedio 3D in publications. It has been a plus for us.

What is your least favourite thing about Cofundie? 

Head office isn’t in Nigeria, but I know they will expand soon lol!

Has 2020 influenced your attitude towards money? How? 

Yes it has, a lot. How? For starters 2020 has taught me the sectors to focus on to Invest in, it’s not going to be easy but in the long run it’s totally worth it.

How would you rate Cofundie (Scale: 0-10)? 

I’d say 8, because Cofundie is not set up in Nigeria yet, we want a physical office lol!)

Thank you for reading.

For more information on Cofundie and its offerings, visit today!

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