Cofundie, Covid-19 & the Imperative of Individual & Corporate action

The Covid-19 pandemic is the crisis of our generation. The only thing that can be remotely compared to it in terms of the scale of economic devastation and reach is World War II. 

Very few countries have had a good showing against it and the situation is actually worse today than it was when we were all forced to go into lockdown in March even though sometimes it might not feel like it.

And while the number of deaths in West Africa has not been as much as in the West, every single life lost is a world destroyed and a family devastated.

For the countries that have been relatively successful at pushing back the worst of the virus, the common theme is a group effort; coordinated action between government, private sector and private citizens with everyone contributing what they can to push back this horrific plague as much as possible. 

Cofundie strives and will always strive to be a force for good in the community and there is no way we were going to sit this one out. 

As with everything we do, we did extensive research into what the best way we could contribute to the effort to push back Covid-19 was and after extensive consultation with our partners, we have come up with Mobilab. A mobile testing lab which can be assembled and deployed across the country to wherever it’s needed in less than 7 days.

Extensive testing is a core part of fighting the virus because detecting the virus early is both critical to saving the lives of infected people and reducing the chances that they might spread the virus to other people.

What’s more, the WHO has stated that asymptomatic carriers can still spread the virus easily and this could be dangerous to people who they come in contact with who might have pre-existing conditions that make them more susceptible to both contacting the virus and to whom it might be fatal.

This is why it is critical that EVERYONE has access to testing no matter where they are or what their economic level is. 

So far Nigeria has tested less than 1% of the total population and anecdotal evidence suggests that a large number of people contacted the virus and lived through its symptoms while mistaking it for the common flu, while another large segment of the population is also carriers of the virus without even knowing it especially in a city as crowded as Lagos.

What is Mobilab ?

Mobilab (Mobile laboratory) is a Mobile testing unit created to WHO standards which can be assembled quickly using modular materials like used shipping containers and deployed across the country to wherever it’s needed. 

It’s no secret that less than half of the population of Nigeria lacks access to basic healthcare services even before the pandemic hit and that huge chunk of the population is currently effectively barred from accessing testing facilities for Covid-19, putting them and their communities at serious risk. 

Mobilab is a low-cost solution to a problem that needs an immediate response. 

The project was developed by Cofundie, Schedio 3D Emporium, GAVI Africa limited all Nigerian companies and Chisom Ukaegbu. Chibuzor Chukwueke and Ezinna Achunine have also volunteered their time and resources to the success of this project from the very beginning. 

How do you come in?

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with you and how you can possibly make a difference in the fight against a monster as big as Covid-19. 

Well, it’s simple. While you might not be a doctor or a millionaire or own a company, you can contribute to the Mobilab project in several ways;

By donating; each unit costs N5,000,000 and we are targeting 20 units in total. Any donation from you no matter how small will take us closer to our goal and help to build the units. Click here to donate.

By sharing with your networks; Apart from donating, sharing among your networks will also go a long way as we can only reach so many people, but when people like you step in and share it with your networks who then turn around and do the same, there’s no limit to what we can do and where we can reach.

By staying safe, wearing a mask and observing social distance; As mentioned earlier, we are still right in the thick of the pandemic, we have not come out on the other side and the curve has not yet flattened. For the sake of your family and loved ones, cut down non-essential outings and if you need to go out, wear a mask, sanitize regularly and observe social distancing. 

Nobody asks for adversity, but when it comes, humans have shown the ability to overcome, and even come out stronger. 

The Mobilab project is an opportunity to hold hands with people across the world and contribute to the fight against Covid-19. We look forward to partnering with you. 

From the Cofundie team

Thank you.

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