[Press Release] Introducing Mobilab – an initiative to build 20 mobile COVID-19 testing labs in Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria 8th July 2020

Cofundie, the Nigerian real estate crowdfunding platform, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Schedio 3D Emporium and GAVI Africa Limited to design, develop and deploy 20 units of Mobilab, a proprietary mobile Covid-19 Testing lab across the country. 

Mobilab is a social initiative created by a group of passionate individuals and organisations with a common goal to aid the response of the federal and state governments to the Covid-19 pandemic. The  Mobilab (Mobile Laboratory) is a proprietary mobile testing lab built using recyclable materials like used shipping containers. 

Mobilab has key components in the 5 phase testing strategy as defined by W.H.O which include Containment Phase, Transmission Phase, Localized Community Transmission, Widespread Community Transmission and Warning Transmission.

As part of the partnership, Cofundie will crowd finance the development of 20 of these units while GAVI and Schedio 3D will design and deploy these units using locally sourced alternative building materials like used shipping containers. 

“Cofundie is first and foremost a socially conscious organization so we are proud to be part of this project and to be working on this with other amazing companies and volunteers who have dedicated their time and resources to the success of the project,” says Chukwuemeka Ndukwe, CEO of Cofundie. 

Ndukwe continued: “This project also dovetails nicely with our mission to mainstream the use of alternative materials in construction as their low price, ready availability and eco-friendliness make them a great fit for quick and low-cost construction on the continent” 

According to John Adegboye, co-founder of Schedio 3D Emporium “Schedio 3D’s goals have always been “enviro-centric”. Recycling shipping containers play a major part in the eradication of metal waste in the environment. The idea behind Mobilab is repurposing one of the agents of environmental and health deterioration into beacons of good health and safety wherever they are used. Especially in this COVID-19 pandemic where testing facilities are not readily accessible to the government and general public”

Oluwaniyi, J. Ayokunnumi, co-founder of GAVI, says “In line with our vision, mission and core values, the Mobilab project presented GAVI Africa Limited opportunity to not just talk about the pandemic but put our weight behind a project that would help the NCDC and in turn government formulate policies that help flatten the curve which in turn saves lives.

We are a people-centred business and the pandemic is a threat to people, without people, we cease to exist as a business”

About Cofundie (https://www.cofundie.com/)

Cofundie is a real estate platform for crowdsourcing funds for the development of buildings using alternative materials & techniques. Their mission is to create an alternative source of financing for the development of affordable housing in West Africa as a way to solve the housing crisis.

About Schedio 3D Emporium (info@schedio3d.com)

Schedio 3D Emporium Limited is a construction company located in Lagos, Nigeria that specializes in value engineering of construction methods and has created a niche in the design and conversion of shipping containers into habitable spaces. 

About GAVI Africa Limited 

GAVI Africa Limited is an automobile sales and service company that caters to different segments like automobile purchase and aftersales services with a deep commitment to delivering excellent service to its customers. 

Cofundie contact          info@cofundie.com

+233 24 014 3392

Gavi Africa Contact


+2348079000009, +2349051162226, +2349053133333, +2348071869958

Schedio contact

john@schedio3d.com info@schedio3d.com


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